2013: James and the Legendary Elstow Barbecue

James and Megan Ellis were living in  a lovely cottage called Roselea in Elstow in 2013 and this was the site of the Legendary Barbecue featuring next door’s dalmatian.

The gang were all there -Berni and Sean, Steve, Alex and myself and the weather was good. The cottage had a gas-powered barbecue in the garden – none of that frustrating nonsense of  waiting around for the charcoal to get hot enough, the food was cooked beautifully in no time under the expert hand of Jamie.

As always, Jamie was on excellent terms with his neighbours and when the woman who lived next door popped her head over the fence to say hello he invited her to join us. She pointed to her dog but a chorus of “bring the dog too” convinced her to come round.

As you’d expect, the dog was very good-natured and loved Jamie’s cooking. I think the dog was a fella, and he also took a liking to a red and white tea towel I’d got hold of. With just a shake of the tea towel in his direction the dog was tempted, and fastened his teeth round it and wouldn’t let go, much to our amusement. In fact, the dog was so keen on the towel that it got ripped!

Spotting an opportunity for more fun, Jamie tempted the dog with the tea towel himself and once he’d established that the dog really wouldn’t let go, he took things to the next level.

The friendly Dalmatian took that bait and when he had a good grip on the tea towel, Jamie started turning in a circle, stepping faster until I swear the dog’s feet left the ground! Picture if you can our James, not quite a stripling, with the determined Dalmatian and a mouthful of red and white tea towel, moving through the air as if flying! We were all in hysterics, really couldn’t believe the dog’s tenacity, and I don’t think I’ve seen Jamie laugh so much ever. The tea towel didn’t survive I’m afraid and sadly there are no photographs that I’m aware of. I think they’d probably be a bit blurry if there were any, caused by beer and laughter.

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