Water Aid

Water Aid was James’s preferred charity and he always asked for people to donate to this charity throughout his life.

I had a look on Facebook at some of Jamie’s posts and thought I would share them with you / remind you of them….

Ice bucket?

James’s take on the ice bucket challenge was: “Instead of wasting buckets of clean water, why not give a few quid to Water Aid to actually give people in the world the chance to drink water that won’t kill them?

Book exchange

James posted this recently:

“Fancy a random book? Send me a SAE with £3 for water aid and get a surprise. Pm
For details”

A wonderful world

James also reckoned this:

“We’re fairly well into the 21st century. Some things bother me. 1. There are still people on this planet who don’t have clean water, yet a continent over, people get to queue for the latest phone or video game. www.wateraid.org.uk. Make a difference. 2. Mental health problems are still seen as weakness. We’re a species that’s developed technology, connection and warfare well beyond the rate of evolution and consequently 2 in 5 people have mental health issues and most are even more afraid of talking about it. 3. Wednesday morning we could wake up with an American president who’s a[n alleged] rapist. The most repugnant person in the world is on the precipice of buying his way into purchasing the position of most powerful.

Listen to this and just imagine the possibilities of a decent world.”


Donate to Water Aid

If you’d like to donate to James’s chosen charity, Water Aid, there’s a JustGiving page set up in his memory:


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