The Whirlwind that was

Of course, we are all one of a kind but JamieO was one of those rare finds in life, the true meaning of the saying.

The Jamie I first met in 2007 was a whirlwind of a boy with energy that was both exciting and exhausting to be around. Cheeky, playful, talented and opinionated – he never failed to make me laugh :0)
So many fun times could be had with this one as he was always up for the craik. I remember us organising an office space-hopper time trial course and him being hugely competitive (cheating), us going to the pub a lot and generally having great fun. He was the sort of guy you could rely on to draw a massive cock on your car in the snow!

Jamie’s life on earth was far too short but during his time, there is no doubt that he certainly made a wonderful mark.

Peace out Bunkeroonie.xx

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