Rain Man: The Musical

Well what exactly were you expecting – a Miltonian epic about the fall of virtue and triumph of sin?

Actually that’s probably exactly what you were expecting. Or at least several abandoned drafts of this, much like the handful of aborted attempts we had to write lyrics, make music and tour toilets before triumphantly headlining Old Trafford and the Emirates respectively (funny story: I no longer support Man U – yes, I know, glory-supporting clint (frequently-used substitute term) – and work a few hundred meters from the Wengerdome). It’s easy to focus on what we didn’t create or have. Even what we didn’t want, or who we didn’t want to become. Society and culture have a long tradition of over emphasis on filling voids.

So what did we have, create, want, become?

We had moments. They may not have been remarkable, purposeful or especially glamorous (I know, hard to believe…), they may have been rooted in the banal, but in banality lies great poetry (sorta one of those things that require a basic grasp of subtext and symbolism, I’m sure you’ll agree).

Our drives on rural C class roads yielded much debate about 3rd division indie, discussion about the politics of our time, mutual agreement on contentious issues that only now seem to be coming to light thanks to the populace gaining a belated form of collective empathy (“we love the winter, it brings us closer together…”), and of course the FLICKING TUNES! By jingo, there were tunes!

You were irritated by my indecisiveness, lack of assertiveness and the probable hypocrisy of my overweight vegetarianism (update: overweight veganism). I, in turn, lamented never being able to finish my own beer (regardless of whose round it was), not being able to finish sentences uninterrupted and your insistence that “Only by the Night” was anything other than unadulterated AOR drivel.

In some ways we were polar opposites in terms of our personalities and surface behaviour. But similar minds seek familiarity, and our friendship was about familiarity, souls, art, poetry, finding the light in the dark clouds…and not being stuck in feckin’ Bruges!

What is my point? Well sadly the dark clouds have been present for a while, and will be persistent little buggers for the time being, but I hope as time passes the light prevails and our friendship can be remembered for that.


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