10 July 2005

That was the day Storm Jamieo (as he was then. Soon he’d drop the “o”, add a Masucci on for a while, and then revert to the more “mature” James) swept into my life.

I guess I didn’t realise what I was in for back then. Life had been pretty mundane really. Oh boy, how that changed. For the next 12 years, my life became anything but.

Summer 2006 was particularly epic. We had the quiet hours spent philosophising about existentialism sat beside the river in Bedford, the loud moments blasting out Babyshambles and Muse tunes in the park. And then the crazy times….

Like when we locked one of our friends in the car boot and drove around town because said friend had got drunk drinking vodka out of a hip flask in the King’s Arms.

Or putting said friend in a Sainsbury’s trolley and then pushing him off the trolley ramp to see if he’d fly in to the river.

Who else remembers that August when James decided to go full skinhead and immediately regretted it?!

That was him all over though. He was never afraid to do anything. And usually whatever he did brought so much laughter to all those who were lucky enough to have him in their lives.

It breaks my heart knowing that I won’t see him again.

Or that I won’t receive another text demanding I learn to play a particularly song on the piano.

Or how I won’t be deafened by another phone call of him playing the guitar to me with the amp dialled up to 11.

But I can’t help but smile when I remember how bad his Nessun Dorma rendition was. Or how he had this incredible ability to include at least one swear word in every sentence he ever spoke.

It wasn’t always pretty. Having James in your life can be a bit of a rollercoaster, but ups and downs are what makes life memorable.

Memories are what makes us who we are.
Memories are what will be left when we’re gone.

And that boy has left so many memories with so many people that he will always remain larger than life in all our hearts.

Sleep tight, you wanker. Don’t go harassing Lennon and Bowie too much. Love always, your China Girl x

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